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» FF Unit Rounded Bold

Frisch bei FSI Fontshop International ist der Probierfont von Erik Spiekermann eingetroffen. Für den Sonntag sieht es richtig lecker aus. Der Februar-Newsletter enthüllt folgendes:

FF Unit Rounded

Designer and FontShop founder Erik Spiekermann notes that “round typefaces keep going in and out of fashion, for many reasons. One of them always has been the media the face would be used for: type on screens and back-lit signs suffers from radiant light. Sharp type will look blunt, and the amount of bluntness that occurs is usually unpredictable. Then came Web 2.0 and rounded typefaces made a major comeback. I think they are here to stay, both as a fashion statement and for physical reasons, like in the old days. There will always be bad media which needs indestructible fonts.”

To blunt the corners on his FF Unit, Spiekermann turned to Erik van Blokland, whose technical wizardry took care of a lot of the issues common to rounding letterforms. While it is soft, FF Unit Rounded isn’t a sausage face or one only suited for comic strips. It looks friendly without losing its precision.