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» iBlog 1.4.4 verfügbar.

Nun eine neue Version mit weiteren Verbesserungen, die sich auch für deutsche iBlog-User lohnen.

1. Added support for Blog Banner Image. A new tag <$BlogBannerImage$> is now supported in the BlogPage.txt template file. This version updates the BlogPage.txt template file in the default RightNavigation and LeftNavigation template sets to add this tag.
2. Fixed the issue where the wrong EntryPage.txt template file was used when there are multiple blogs with different template sets.
3. Fixed the issue in the Publish panel where all the updated blogs are not listed for selection.
4. The Enclosure URLs in the RSS feed file are properly encoded.
5. Fixed the issue with the post date of an edited entry in Dutch localization.
6. Fixed the issue with URLs of media files in the Blog, Category and Entry pages.

Download hier.

Tags: 1.4.4, blog, iblog